How to write a 8x +RW with 4x

is it possible to write a 8x +RW Media with 4x speed?
Some of my Ritek008 are very bad at the end of the disc so I would like to test these discs at 4x speed.

In Nero there is only 8x selectable.

In MediaCodeSpeedEdit there are 8x and 6x marked as possible speeds for this media (Ritek DVD+RW 8x RITEK008).
I think my Benq 1640 isn’t able to write at 6x.

There is no way in MediCodeSpeedEdit to select 4x.

Is there any other way to reach 4x?


There is no chance to select a write speed that is not supported by the write strategy bound to the media. When I added the 8x +RW display I neither had the drive nor the media, so I had to guess how the tables data is interpreted. 6x write speed is displayed because the tables data seems to support several write speeds.l
If you want to write +RW at 8x with good results, get RICOHJPNW21 media.

No real sense to burn them at 4x.
6x or 8x is good enough with good burners.

Thanks for the answers.

there seems that non of the 8x RWs are able to be written at 4x.
es I got some RICOHJPNW21 and they work very well. But I got a spindle of 25 RITEK008 and some of them word very well - the other are bad at the end of the disc - so I would like to test them at 4x (Benq doesn’t seem to support 6x writing).

The same problem - Nero offers no 6x writing with my BENQ1640.

This is normal even with my drives.

These 8x rated RWs have a new revision and are not really compatible to 4x and lower speeds/drives.

untrue, my samsing 162c burns ritek 008 at 4x fine. I can select 4x, 6x and 8x.

On my benq 1640 I can only select 8x and my Nec 3500 doesnt want to burn these discs at all…

I just did a burn of 3g of data at 4x with Nero v7 on a Fuji +R 8x (Ritek MIT) on my BenQ 1640 and according to the Nero drop down menu I could of even burned at 1x or 2x :eek: Evidently Nero v7 can communicate with a 1640 and maybe your software doesn’t speak BenQ style Tiwanese? :rolleyes:

Then they have implemented this strat in the firmware - most others haven’t so far…

@chef and schweino
I think you both are right - and that’s the problem.

I’m searching for a way to burn with a Benq1640 with 4x or 6x with RITEK008 +RWs.
I know that other drives are capable to burn with this strats to these medias.

@Burn’n Heaven
that’s all right but I’m talkin’ about +RWs not +Rs.


My Pio allows me now to burn them at either 3.3x, 6x or 8x.

So it’s def a write strategy thing, IMO.

Yes, I think the same.
Is it possible for you to make scans from a disc written at different speeds?

With what drive? And what speeds? I think scanning them at 5x seems to be ok.

For writing with your Pio (he can 3.3x, 6x or 8x).

And for reading I would prefer a Benq (but that’s not so important for me).
The only thing I want to see is how the scan of the +RW is at the end of the disc with different writing speeds.

thanks alot

@TopPlayer: Looks like you do not check your PM.

RICOH 8x DVD+RW (High Speed)
Recorded @ 8x
Solid Burn On
Overspeed On

QSuite reports the disc as unsupported / unknown, maybe its time to turn WOCP on? The high PI errors in the first part of the disc had a burn speed of 6x, after that the drive switched to 8x and produced a much better result.

CDSpeed v4.11 - Tested at 8x @ 8ECC

QSuite can only report +R/-R as known, all other media is reported as unknown. WOPC has nothing to do with this issue.

Ahh, didnt know that. Thanks for the info.

you’re right - I didn’t check my messages.

I will try this in the evening. Thank you.