How to write 12x to DVD RAM with Pio 112 using CD-Speed



…CD-Speed is set to 12x, but the showed “Real-Time Graph” ist max 4x?
What could be the Problem?

I´m using FW 1.15 from the A12L-Drive. DMA is okay, no problem burning 18x Speed at a normal DVD R.
Did I need a special driver?


All you need to do is go into the cdspeed options and enabled “Streaming”


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: …I have to enable “Steaming”…yes. That´s logical :iagree:

How should anybody know this :bow:

Thanks, It´s working now!


@ escalator,

Perhaps it would be beneficial to you if you reviewed the informative detailed “CD-DVD Speed - A User Guide” tutorial ->



I´ve read it, but didn´t found a hint about that, also now after knowing this point.