How to work?



Does anyone know how CU.Dilla Works?
Please Help Me

It only work 1time for me


How it works ?

The SafeDisc is comprised of three key features: (1) an authenticating digital signature, (2) encryption that protects the content, and (3) anti-hacking software.

During premastering, the content is encrypted and carries with it authentication instructions. A unique digital signature is subsequently added to the title during mastering. When a user plays an original disc, the authentication software reads the digital signature allowing the program to be decrypted and to play normally. This authentication process is transparent to the user. The original CD must be present in the CD-ROM drive to allow the authentication to occur.

When attempting to make an unauthorized copy with a CD-R or with professional mastering equipment, the digital signature is not transferred to the copy. When an unauthorized copy is played back, the absence of the signature will prevent decryption of the program and the copy will not play…

SafeDisc also includes anti-hacking technology that prevents the compromise of its security features. The anti-hacking technology is designed to not only deter casual copying, but also to provide strong resistance to destructive hackers and commercial pirates.

Does it work in real life ?

As we already know people find ways to break all protection scemes. SafeDisc aren’t an expection. So what this mean ? It means with the proper utility you can copy the protected CD and run the “backup” disc.

You copy the CD as usual and when the run time comes you run an utility 1st which “fools” the protection and all backups run. You can d/l Generic SafeDisc patch at GameCopy World.

Create an exact 1 CD-Copy of the original CD.

Extract the LXTCDI31.EXE & DIECDILL.DLL to any desired directory.

Execute the LXTCDI31.EXE patch and read the onscreen instructions

hope if this is the info you need?