How to watch videos from a hard drive on a TV?

I’m not sure if this is the right part of the forum to ask this question but I couldn’t see a better place. . . .

I just came back from a trip to Europe and I have about 107GB of video that I recorded. I have it all on an internal hard drive. I want to be able to watch this video on my TV but if I try to put all of that video on DVDs it would take at least 30-40 DVDs! . . . So my question is this:

Is there a way to watch hundreds of GBs of video directly from a hard drive to a TV?

I know they have hard drive enclosures that make it possible to plug a normal internal hard drive to a computer via USB. Is there something like that which would make it possible to plug a hard drive to a TV and watch videos?

I really appreciate any help on the subject. :slight_smile:

There are other similiar options out there but can’t remember any more names. Some are listed below on that page in similiar products.

You have to have a “video out” plug on your videocard then yiou can connect your video from your computer to your T.V. via S video or the little standard cable I forgot the name of it .I use S video. Then you need to go buy a dual channel PCI sound card they are cheap. abd run your sound. Or you can go cheaper & buy a splitter for your current sound cable & split the sound/cable into two & run one to the pc & one to your T.V. :iagree:
This one is very good.

This one is very good.

I second this. This unit puts handles many different formats and easily delivers 1080P. I am very pleased with our unit. It does require a wired home network and it isn’t completely non-tech friendly but these are the only real caveats. If you know what you are doing, it will make you very happy. Amazing value at ~ $200!