How to watch blu-ray on laptop?

I have a modern laptop that can read/write dvd as well as cd. It won’t play HD-DVD or Blu-ray’s. I was wondering is there is a program or something that I need to add or buy that will let me watch them on my laptop? I’ll get into burning them later. Just want to watch them on it for now.

External Blu-Ray drive would be a start, these usually come with something like PowerDVD to use to play them back, if not you will also need some playback software.

On top of that you need either a good CPU (2GHz+ core2duo) or a graphics card that can accelerate Blu-Ray playback (ATi or nVidia or the very newest Intel).

On Cyberlinks website there is a program that will let you know if your PC meets the needed specs to playback Blu-Ray.