How to watch .AVI movie in a dvd player?



Hi everyone,
This if the first time I ever tried to burn a dvd (beginner alert), I have a movie in .avi format and I used a program that came with me computer called Instant CD+DVD and I burned the movie as a data disc, I put it into my dvd player but nothing shows up, but once I put it into my computer it works fine? Can someone help explain to me how I can get it to work in my dvd player, in the most simplest terms? -Thanks!


Have a look at this:

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Ok, Thanks for that website because it’s really easy to follow, BUT when I started the conversion, under the Operation Log, it kept saying
“video packet dropped due to error on frame #”
and it would say that on every other number (i.e. 2, 4, 6,…)
Is this normal or just happening to me? Is that what it is supposed to say while converting??


It’s not unusual for DL’ed AVIs to have something wrong in some regard. I assume that’s what we’re talking about. Whether it’s bad frames, corrupt header, variable bitrate audio, any of those can bugger a conversion.

Here’s one possibility: Try another all-in-one program like The Film Machine, or DIKO (bothfree). Other people may have their own suggestions. :wink:

If you really care about doing this, get VirtualDub, I like VirtualDub MPEG2. Open the AVI in VDub (it may complain about bad audio, click OK), go to Video and click “Error Mode”, then select “Conceal errors and resume decoding at next keyframe”. Then scan for bad frames. When done, make sure under “Audio”, that “Source Audio” is checked. Then make sure under “Video” that “Direct Stream Copy” is checked. Then under “File” save the AVI. You’ll have a new AVI with CBR audio (VDub and many encoders hate VBR AVIs), a good header and masked frames. Still no guarantee it’ll work, but I’ve made many bad files usable that way.

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You can also try Divfix (free)


Another easy and time saving way to view your AVI files is to just buy a DVD player which supports AVI playback. Heres one which Philips do which is very good


I’ve tried DivXFix and a few others but none of them would fix the index errors I had in my files.
One way to fix errors in files is to get Shareaza and find the file you have (same size is the best way of doing it as the filenames are not always the same for the same file). Make a backup before you start. Then start downloading the file you have found then close Shareaza and then copy your file over the file that was being downloaded leaving the .sd file. rename your file to the one that was downloading. Then start Shareaza again and connect and right click the file and select Advanced --> Advanced Edit. Then on the window that shows click “Assume file is 100% complete and reverify” Then Shareaza will check your file for bad parts and remove them and begin downloading the parts that were corrupt. I have successfully done this with one movie I had that had index errors and it fixed it completely. No program that claims to fix avi index errors actually did so. But this method did. You can use this method with any corrupt file as long as it is available on P2P and you can identify the correct file. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

A standard DVD player won’t play avi files anyway so unless you purchase one with DIVX/XDIV capabilities like has already been mentioned then your only option is to convert the avi file to DVD format. The file will play on your computer but not on the DVD player as your computer just uses codecs to play the file, as long as you have the correct codecs installed the file should play.





Are there any types of movies that can be burned to dvd without converting?


I’m not sure but it’s uncommon that you’ll find one from most places you download from. Your movies will most likely be in .avi format because they have to be compressed.


dvd is mpeg2 …so if you find svcd’s, mpeg2 or vob file sets… you can drop them in an authoring tool and burn them as dvd without conversion.
(DVDlab imports svd’s, so you can put 4 of them on 1 dvd)

But files in an avi container always need to be encoded to mpeg2.



I also have never had much luck with DivXToDVD either. For a 1-click AVI-to-DVD dvdSanta does a fast, good quality job, and is only $20.

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Hey folks I have been working on converting AVI files to ISO images for hours so that they will play on a DVD player and there was/is a lot of good information on her regarding this task. However, I found a program and an information page for this program that works great except for one minor little flaw which I will explain in a minute and hopefully someone can help me out with it. The program I used was AVI2DVD, download at this site , thank you torrents, what would we do without you. I downloaded the one from MoNova which is listed on the right side or, just pick the one with the most seeders. Then for the information on the proper settings of this program go to and it will walk you through it rather well. The Quality turned out fine, picture and the sound as well however, it’s sorta hard to watch a show that is rolling from the top to the bottom. I’m gonna try another file and see if it’s just a bad file, I’ll let you know. But, if anyone knows what may be the cause of this let me know, like a write speed etc.:cool:


[QUOTE=Asid;933233]Another easy and time saving way to view your AVI files is to just buy a DVD player which supports AVI playback. Heres one which Philips do which is very good[/QUOTE]

This is my advice too. IMO, the DVD players with Divx capability and a USB port eventually pay for themselves by eliminating the need to burn DVDs at all. I would recommend the Philips DVP5982 player as it has a USB and can therefore play AVI files from a hard drive or USB flash drive. Plus, the upscaling feature of the drive works well on an HDTV. Here’s a link to the Philips DVP5982:


Ive,been using ultra dvd creator for years,just load up your avi movie and it will convert it and burn it on a dvd and will play on any dvd player.


As UTR posted in ‘08’ best thing would be to [I]not[/I] convert and purchase a player that supports AVI playback…That said, there are a few very good converting proggies out there, some freeware ( e.g. DVDflick, AVStoDVD, FAVC, etc…And of course the very good(IMO) ConvertxtoDVD(trialware)…
Whatever works, eh kirkster!!..