How to View DVDRip,HDTV,TVRip,PDTV,DSRip Downloads

1st Time Post from a Newbie to this awesome Website. Can anybody tell me How do I view a DVDRip,TVRip, HDTV, PDTV,DSRip downloaded file?

I recently discovered some websites where I can download TV Programs where people upload them for anybody to download n view them? I currently have the lastest download of Windows Media Player, which I can play the VCD formats of these TV Programs that I downloaded…but can Windows Media Player Play the above formats? If not, what other type of Media Player/Viewer can i use or download to play them? I really really appreciate your assistance, your reply, n your input.

Thank u very much,

Cameron…aka … camdog :cop:


Hey guys… I downloaded and installed both of those and it lets me view the XviD videos I download, but I’ve recently downloaded this one…


… It won’t let me play it. What am I doing wrong?

I also have this file - and have the same problem - any help anyone?

Im pretty sure this is illegal…

What? Asking a question on how to play a particular file-type?

As your talking about viewing an illegal file, helping you would just be encouraging you to download more illegal files.

VideoLan VLC. Plays most things.

Who said it was an illegal file? (btw I’ll just go and record over all my VHS tapes).

Hey, thanks TimC - I’ll try it out. All the other codec’s I’ve tried so far don’t work.

ok… well ive send a message to a mod… they can decide the legality of this thread. Anyway, i believe that this is a bittorrent file.