How to use WinDWFlash?

Ok, new guy here. Downloaded WinDWFlash, but have no idea what to do with it. Any links or info would be greatly appreciated. I have not been able to find anything on the forum that actually explains the flashing process for us newbies.

found an answer yet?

What drive are you trying to flash? Have you downloaded the firmware files yet? If so, what’s the file extension on them?

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Hi all,

Well, need a question answered, WinDWflash, flashing an HP 400c drive, with B3HC.CVT to make it into a Adapi drive.

Then from there make it into a BenQ drive for DL media (yeah long winded I know!)

However I always get an error:

Linear Check Sum = D99D
Rotated Check Sum = F1A7
Check Sum match !!
Start Flashing…
Don’t turn off the power!!

======== FAIL 1========

Windows box appears:
Flashing failed, contact your local supplier!

Getting rather narked with it!!!

Please help, already going bald, dont really need to start pulling it out!


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HP 400c drives were made by different manufactures. How did you verify that your drive is a Benq ?

Hi Ala42,

I read on an MCE forum ( that the HP 400c was a benq drive and it gave instructions on how to do the changeover :slight_smile: My machine is an HP m470n Media centre box from Canada.

If it helps, KH27 is the current firmware I can see on it (this was simply done in Device Manager, Hardware, right click the HP and click on Details.)

So that might be wrong too :slight_smile:

Any software that could tell me exactly what it is?

Kind regards,

With KH27 it is a Benq drive. You can directly flash to 822 B3LC using this B3LC.cvt file. The file you took does not work because it is in uncompressed cvt file format. KH27 needs compressed cvt file format. B3LC is in compressed .cvt file format.


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I will flash my HP 400c drives too, but i can not find the file B3LC.cvt.
The link is dead.
Can anybody help me?