How to use Virtual dub to compress videos?

I captured 2 mins of video, but it’s 700mbs, I heard Virtual Dub can compress the video down to a reasonable size, how do I do that? I tried every option in Vdub and it still doesn’t work. If there’s another program that’s easier to use, please tell me. Please help. Thanks.

Select a codec in compression/Video and just run it.

Thanks for the reply. I used TMPGEnc to edit the video, and it worked out ok.

Ok, here’s my first drift video.

I used my crappy webcam to capture it, so the quality is kinda bad, I will get a better digicam soon. This is the first time I edited a video digitally, so I still don’t know how do fade out the video/audio yet, that’s why it’s suddenly cut at the end. Hope it doesn’t suck too much, any comments suggestions/criticisms welcome (other than about the crappy video quality )

'You could use the AUDIO section in TMPGEnc to edit it a bit.

I will make another video soon, I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

Where can I find a good tutorial on how to use TMPGE’s more advanced feature, like cut and paste a sections of video and joint them back together.

With TMPGEnc you can do cut and merge only with mpeg files. If you want to do these operations with vob files then you need TMPGEnc DVD Author, a different software.

To do operations with mpeg files in TMPGEnc go to menu FIle --> MPEG tools

Try to find any guide here

I do have TMPGE DVD author, I will give it a try later. I’m working on a new drift vid, hopefully it will be better this time. Thanks for the reply.

Here’s my second video.

I hope it’s better.