How to use UnSafedisc - PLease help!



I am having trouble using the unSafeDisc utility. I have found that the only way for me to backup a safedisc protected game is to copy the contents of the original to my harddrive, use unsafedisc, then dump the contents onto a CDR with the protection removed.

My CDReader does not support Blindread, I think, because when I try to read Safedisc protected games I get a message that says, “Bozo Read”.

Anyway, I have downloaded unSafeDisc v1.5.5, 2.05.30 and 2.30.33 and I don’t know exactly how to use them. The first version is a little more user friendly, but I don’t think it will work on a very recent title like Madden 2001.

Can anyone give me detailed steps for 2.05.30 or 2.30.33 on how to backup a protected game? Every time I try I get a dialog box that says “Random Error”.



Your Cd-reader maybe support blindread! Bozo read is special read menthod, this read mode is more power to skip errors! if you try to copy safedisc1/2 with blindread you will allways get this message (bozo read)!

How to use unsafedisc2 20530… Just open safedisc 2 protected files to safedisc2 dumper (usually .exe {it was in virtual pool 3})
and game starts. after 5-30 second you get message: this is where you get littlepit darger, or some thing like that!

and dumber makes "dumbet bin to in that directory where is original exe) and then you just load bin file to safedisc 2 rebuilder and do the job… now, in that directory where is bin and original exe should ne new exe ( name is same what is original plus test text)
now it should work! :wink:

I think randow error is some kind of bug. I get it too some times but if you get it then you load wrong file or it just won’t work!


where did you get unsafedisc2 2.30.33? can you tell the address?


Hey thanks for replying. I tried to use safedisc as you mentioed, but each time I get the Random Error when trying to copy Madden 2000. I get that when I try opening from the CD or from the game installed on my HD.

Let me get this staright, I open unsafedisc dumper, then browse to find the Madden exe file, then click open and it is supposed to run Madden right? Well that doesnt happen for me. I dont know what I am doing wrong, pelase help.

Also, I got latest sunsafedisc at gamecopyworld.xom I think. try there and let me know.