How to use the Nero Clean Tool

Hi Every1!

Currently running Nero and i need to do a fresh reinstall: wondering which is the correct way to use the Nero Clean Tool…should i uninstall the program from Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs applet at first or not…? :confused:

btw i found on Ahead website 2 different cleaning tools: General Clean Tool & Nero 6 Clean Tool…and there is also the Clean pack (registrychecker and driver clean tool)…

which is the right one to use…? :confused:

Would appreciate any help or advice.


@ Ulysses
Do not uninstall nero thru ‘control panel’. Run ‘General clean tool’ to uninstall nero. Choose the correct version(5 or 6).

If you have already uninstalled nero thru ‘control panel’, then you should run the other ‘clean tools’. You could try running these other ‘clean tools’ just to see if they come up with anything.

Also, TCAS makes an interesting suggestion here

cool infos…THX again! :slight_smile: