How to use the BWA Builder with Blindwrite suite?

I don’t quite understand how to use the bwa builder for securom copies. Let’s say I made a bwt image of a securom protected cd with blindread and a bwa image with bwa builder. what do I do next? should I simply put all files into the same directory, give them the same names and simply select the bwt image in blindwrite? and where do I specify the bwa image? or will blindwrite find it automatically, if it is in the same directory?
and when I finished with the burning, is the bwa image still needed, or can it be deleted? meaning, will the copy work on different computers, without any additional emulation/cracked exe etc.?

also, it’s strange, bwa builder doesn’t work with my toshiba 1401 scsi drive, when trying to make a bwa image of a cd in this drive it doesn’t work, bwa builder doesn’t even access the drive (the lamp on the drive is off), I have to crash bwa builder through the task manager. but with my plextor 124 ts scsi it works, yet the image looks kind of weird, different from what is described in the HowToBWA-readme included with the latest version of blindwrite suite

First read all the threads here, the ask :o

some drives don´t work with bwa builder !!!

Copy will work without crack.

I can see where wrfan’s coming from ive read through all the posts in the blindwrite forum and i have would like the same answering!!!

Allmighty it isnt much help telling him to read the posts - when he obviously has or has at least attempted too but may have missed something. If youve got the time to post a reply , why not post the answer to his questions - surely thats what its all about helping each other ???

Im having trouble myself i wanna back up UT2003 before i buy blindwrite my questions are.

1 Can this be done with the trial version?
2 I have tried making an mdf image with alcohol to be converted as suggested on another post but i get a read error near the end of the disc - is this usual? lite-on 24x
3 How exactly do i convert it - do i just select that option in bwa builder, is it that simple?

and of course the same questions as asked above maybe someone who’s successfully backed up their UT2003 could do a step by step guide and make it a sticky - if any off you lucky guys has time that is.

I may be newly registered but i have been reading this forum for over a year and now due to these new copy protection softwares find myself asking and hopefully in the future answering questions

As it should be done!!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: