How to use Search


I’m not sure how to use the Search function on this Forum.
I typed in:
Rush Hour 3
and got some weird message about not having enough words!

I want to understand what the makers did to the new release of the Rush Hour 3 DVD. Some weird stuff with the files on the disc.


I just tried again, putting the movie title in quotes and that worked.
Hope this helps others out there.

Yes if one of the words in your search is less than three characters (in this case the number “3”), it returns an error. There may be a bug which we are trying to fix, but in the meantime use the workaround you discovered. :slight_smile:

One of the things I recommend is to press “Search” then choose “Advanced Search.” When you get to the new box, put “Rush Hour 3” in quotes, then where you have the “view results” I would select “view as posts” (not threads–that’s the other options. This will give you a post by post preview of the answers on all topics covering that.