How to use Plextools Professional (V-2.23)?



I would appreciate if someone could provide me with a step by step process in using/configuring Plextools Professional version - 2.23. I am relatively new to burning DVD/CDR media, and have been using a Sony DRU-510a burner with Daemon Tools, DVD Decrypter, Clone DVD and Clone CD. I have had very good luck with this combination until my DVD drive went bad. I replaced it with a new Plextor PX-716A drive and updated the firmware and Plextools to the most current versions. Before I purchased this new Plextor drive, burning a DVD/CDR was relatively straight forward, but with Plextools it has provided me with a lot more flexability and control over the burning process. With all this added flexability, I am not sure of the steps to take so I can produce a professional result. I would appreciate any input on this topic. :wink:


Hi :slight_smile:
Maybe you’ll find here something Plextools


Thanks, that is a good place to get info on problems and it does go over some of the settings but I have not found anything on setting up Plextools for the first time and when/why you should use these settings and what steps you need to follow so you will end up with a high end copy?


The best thing would be to start with quality media!
I’d recommend Taiyo Yuden media, you’ll get great results, the plex loves them!
For the first time you should see if some basic functions are checked like dma,
buffer underrun, autostrategy, powerec and booktype setting for example, the
other functions, this depends on that what you’d like to do, like quality tests,
DAE, Securec etc… :wink:


I have always used TDK DVD+R and CD-R and never ran into any problems but I am not sure if this plextor drive will like TDK media. I was wanting to set up plextools first before I started burning stuff. I spend alot of time burning DVD movies and program applications.
How do you set up plextools and what are the steps that you take to get ready to start burning?


As i said above.
If you’re usin +r, look that the change booktype setting in plextools is checked
and for recommended media, you could have a look at plextor’s website
And for burning, you can use software, whatever you like or prefer.


Thanks again for your reply but I am still unsure of the step by step process I need to take in configuring Plextools so I can achieve the best end result? What tests do I run and when do I run those tests? Is there even a process that I need to follow? Please be very specific.


I’m not an expert on Plextools, but I have used them for a while. In part, your success with them will depend on your media and the write speeds available with other software you use in conjunction with Plextools.

I assume you want to know about the Drive Settings that would be best. Generally, these should be checked as default, but make sure (if they aren’t) to check PoweRec (P/R) and Autostrategy (A/S). The A/S function is the ‘intelligent’ write strategy part, which will help control the write on your media (depending on its media ID). If, for example, your media of choice is Ritekg05 (pretty good in my experience), make sure P/R is also checked (it will be by default). The Plextor burner (my model is px-716a) will burn it at no faster than 8x–which by my burn tests show is best for it (and the Plextor burner is programmed to burn it at).

An exception to this would be Taiyo Yuden TY000-T02 media ID (either Sony DVD+R 50 pk 8x media from Circuit City or FujiFilm DVD+R 50 pk 8x from Best Buy [both say “Made in Japan”]), which the Plextor will try to burn at 16x. This is one write strategy that should not be followed. Therefore, uncheck P/R, and if you have a separate burning software (I have VSO’s CopytoDVD), you can set its write speed (under Writing Devices>max speed for DVD media) to 8x, and your Plextor will burn those at 8x–and give you a great burn with low error rates on PIE and PIF tests. :slight_smile: This would be the best concrete example I could give you of something specific, as well as a specific exception where you would not want P/R checked.


Thanks for your reply. I only use TDK media and never have had a problem with it. I know that TDK DVD+R media is on the Plextor compatability list but the TDK CD-R media is not on the list. I have heard that the 716a will calabrate itself to media that is not on the list but not sure how to do that?
I have been using Daemon Tools, DVD Decrypter, Clone DVD and Clone CD to burn my movies and programs. Is there a better way to go?
Sorry for the repeat of what I said in my first post.


it seems your question has been answered.
yet you keep repeating it.
one thing i can recommend is, if you burn at a certain speed and you get high pie and pif errors, then slow down yer burn speed.
i (and i’m sure everyone agrees,) buy some TY media. it’s better then yer TDK. sure tdk might work well, but i bet you’ll get less errors on TY. also, yer movies will last longer on better media.