How to use Photoshop

There are lots of good reasons to learn to use Photoshop…:iagree:
For a start it is the industry standard, and that´s because nothing else out there can do a better job…and it really can do a zillion things :eek:

Unfortunately it´s a bit complicated to use :frowning:
Unfortunately the full version costs about as much as a car :frowning:

Fortunately there is Photoshop Elements which is only about $50…and it´s really good! :slight_smile:

So…wanna see some tutorials?..the web is full of them…many useful and many useless!

BUT…there is one legendary series worth watching, from the beginning to the end, called: “You Suck at Photoshop” :doh:

Episodes typically star fictional Photoshop user Donnie Hoyle who demonstrates tools and techniques in Photoshop, usually on a Macintosh computer. Donnie is a person with severe and chronic personal problems relating to his job, his relationships and disintegrating marriage; various legal problems, career and emotional problems; which tend to weave themselves into the narrative to dark comedic effect. Each episode’s title card is further distinguished by a different misspelling which can be interpreted as part of the joke of each episode or is spelled so as to suggest an off-color reference. Further clues to Donnie’s state of mind can probably be inferred from the ever-changing desktop wallpaper seen during the demonstration.

If you don´t die laughing, and can still see through the tears, you will learn something…


You Sucjk at Photoshop #1 - Distort, Warp, & Layer Effects
You Suck at Photoshop #2 - Covering Your Mistakes
You Suck at Photardshop #3 - Clone Stamp and Manual Cloning
You Suck it Photoshop #4 - Paths & masks
You Suck at Photoshops #5 - Select Colour Range
You Sick at Photoshop #6 - Liquify
Yo Suck At Photoshop #7 - Patch Tools & levels
You Such a Photoshop #8 - 3D Layers
You Suck a Photosack #9 - Curves
You Suck At Photoshop #10 - Vanishing Point
You Suck at Photoshock #11 - Smart Objects
You Suck at Protoshop #12 - Measurement Log
You Phuck at Sotoshop #13 - Displacement
You Suck at Photosho #14 - Video Stuff Reall Fast
You Suck at Phatoshop #15 - Define Pattern
You Suck at Photoshop #16 - Define Brush Preset
You Suck at Photoshart #17 - Photomerge
You Suck at Phodioshop #18 - Annotations
You Sulk at Photoshop #19 - Shadows and Light
You Sucjk at Photoshop #20 - Distort, Warp, & Layer Effects


I really suck at Photoshop :)) thanks for these tutorials. I hope i’ll learn how to use it eventually:D

Just Google PhotoShop tutorials. There are tons of them. I’ve done at least a hundred and I’m still learning. Most important ones are layers, levels, and masks…

“Fro knows photos” is a pretty funny and very knowledgeable presenter…and is easy to follow.

The great thing about photoshop is that it is truly easy to pick up because of the amount of tutorials out there.

Here is the best way to use photoshop:
Open your image and edit it.
If you are doing something that is taking you a very long time - then there most likely is an easier way to do it! It’s basically the golden rule…

An example: If you are deleting out something w/ the eraser tool - instead use the Tolerance tool etc… etc… ! It’s a fun program to use & you will get really good fast.

To those not familiar with photoshop. I would advise them to start with photoshop elements. I use version 10 which will do everything you need and then some and is much easier to learn. I am enclosing a video attachment that explains step by step just how to use all the tools.

First of all to install the adobe Photoshop cs2 software in system and then learn all tutorials and start practicing in one photo then u can understand and work easily