How to use new Plextor's firmware?

Hi folks, hope somebody could help me out.
I’m using only Linux OS for severa years and previously didn’t have problems with flashing my Plextor 716a as binary firmware file was provided. But new 1. 11 firmware have ISO image instead of binary to make things easier for those who not use Windows.

Have anyone upgraded their drives using ISO method? As I’ve tried to burn it with K3b and it gives me error about wrong image size, so I decide ask before flashing.

Yes, I’ve successfully updated one 716 to FW 1.11 with the ISO from the Plextor US site. (I did so because the .exe update file for some reason did not recognise the drive in an external case.)

Thanks HWP, do you have any problem with wrong image size error when try to burn this ISO?
As I’ve burned ISO and see files on the disk now but afraid that this may leave my drive broken if something goes wrong.

Check out the read me file. You should use a copy program to make an exact copy of the iso image disc. With the drive door closed, press and hold the eject button until the LED blinks amber 3 times. Release the button and the tray will eject. Insert the disc and load. If the flash is successful, the amber LED will come on and then the drive tray will eject after a minute or so. If you get a single LED blink or the tray does not eject, it failed.

yes Bob, this is what I’ve done but got warning that ISO image have wrong size, it could be false warning possible but I wish to checked it first.

Under Windows XP, both ImgBurn and Nero accept that .iso file without any warnings. I’m not familiar with k3b. Maybe you better try asking in our software (sub-)forum, since this is probably a software issue.

I’ll move this thread there.

K3b indeed displays a warning message, I made a screenshot below. I think this can safely be ignored (the iso burns fine otherwise). If you want to take absolutely no risk, there must be someone with a Windows PC that you know and who’d be willing to help? Alternatively you can use Nero Linux (not sure if there’s still a trial version) or run DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn under Wine in Linux.

You can download the windows zip-file. Extract it with wine/rar. The you can use pxfw to flash the binary, which is part of the QPxTool package.