How to use Nero?

I decided to start using nero because I realized I had an old copy that came with my burner, but I have always used Alcohol in the past, so I don’t know how to use nero. It is version 5.5. Please tell me how to burn copy protected games with this software. Thanks for the help.

nero won’t do copy protected games. Nero is generally used for all other burning needs but not protections

I could have sworn someone told me it could burn protected games, oh well lol no wonder I couldn’t figure it out :). Thanks anyway.

it will do older protections, But not protections that have been made in the last year or so

I’m afraid it will not do protections of the last 3 years, at least

nah it can write them it just cant make good images

That’s what I meant. It cannot do them by itself (reading and writing). If you are required to use another programme to read, then why not use it to write, too?


alcohol is good enough to back up protection game… even my WC3 can backup with alcohol and it can play online…

nero is good just for burning data, mp3, dvd-video or create vcd… etc.

as nero is a burning program and not a copying program all it does is copys the files from a disk into a .nrg file and then burns them back, no subchannel data or cd-codes are reatained. nor is the phisical media layout (topology), for copying games use clonecd + twinpeak as it does not require the copying program to be installed to run the games.