How to use 'nero.LanguageFile' ? (VB6)



Does anyone have a sample how to use ‘nero.LanguageFile = “Nerodeu.txt”’?

Wherever I place it, I get error messages.


What kind of error messages? Can you show some code?


Hi Alex,

thanks for your quick reply (as usual) and… It already helped!

See what happened:

Private Sub Form_Initialize()
Dim i As Integer
Set nero = New nero
On Error Resume Next
nero.LanguageFile = “Nerodeu.txt”

produced a compiletime error, so I remarked the line in question one year ago.
Every time I update and rename the text file I’m remindet (and how do you explain that to a user, if he’s a teacher?).

Now, to answer your question ‘What Error’, I removed the remark and… it worked!

The problem must have gone with one of those updates, I simply never tried.

Thanks again, Ronie

Plaese kindly have a look at my today’s question ‘BOOKTYPE’


Thanks again for ignoring my ‘Booktype-Question’!
Obviously you are working on a sallary basis.

Hava a nice retirement!


You need to take your frustrations elsewhere. Your unfounded pesky comments will not be tolerated any more. Unless you wish to contribute with useful posts, you need not bother post at all as any further flames like this will get deleted. A constructive criticism is always welcome and your recent messages are nowhere near it. My post count should tell you that I tend not to ignore queries.


It’s not fair, to take your frustration elsewhere! You should leave it, where it belongs! A good place is, where you ask politely a simple question and are ignored.
Think about that, if you can.


No! You should definitelly take your frustrations elsewhere and not litter the forum. Many people were helped here and you find yourself to be the judge? I already told you as 1+1=2 why some queries are left unanswered, there is no point in repeating myself. You can be angry all you can but you won’t be allowed to insult anyone here. You should know better than that.

This is my last reaction to your flames.