How to use Nero CD-DVD to slow down read speed

I just recently purchased a “Gold” version of the war game “Sudden Strike” which is really an old pc game. In order to install the game, I need to slow my DVD-Rom drive to 4x. This is an old version of the game.

I downloaded Nero CD-DVD Drive program ver. to slow the speed of the DVD-Rom drive. I can’t for the world figure out how to do it. All the manual talks about is changing the testing speed.

Can someone help me understand what to do in order to temporarily slow my DVD drive down to 4x then be able to change the speed back to its default setting.


The correct app is Nero[B] DriveSpeed[/B].

[I][B]Nero DriveSpeed i[/B]s a utility to set the reading speed of a CD-ROM drive. Although a high speed drive allows you to transfer data in less time, there are some disadvantages of using such a drive, including noise levels at high speed, which can be irritating when playing MP3s, high spin-up/spin-down times (can cause games to freeze) and more. Nero DriveSpeed runs in the system tray and allows you to adjust the drive speed as needed. Recommended for advanced users.[/I]