How to use NEC DVD + RW ND -3450A?

We have a fairly new Dell computer that came with a dvd burner (NEC DVD + RW ND -3450A) but I do not know how to use it. I contacted Dell to find out the instructions, but they did not have any. They referred me to searching on the web. I have never used a cd or dvd burner so I am hoping some one can help me get started. It would be great if there are step by step instructions that I can find. Thanks!

Welcome to CDF,
First of all you need some kind of software to use your burner. If a company installs a DVD drive in thier computer they usually install some. The most common are programs by Sonic, Creative or Nero. Look through the installed programs in Start/All Programs on your computer to see if there is a program such as one of these so we have a place to start.

I see Sonic. What should I do next?

If you have blank media, CD or DVD, insert it in the drive and start Sonic…
Then go into the Help section if a Tutorial doesn’t pop up…
Practice your reading…
Post again if you have troubles…

Let’s not forget that your 3450 is only capable of writing DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD+R DL discs, when you go to buy media, watch out for those -'s!

I don’t think this is right. It’s a dual format drive (for +R and -R), although IIRC you can only use up to 8x speed for -R discs.

3450 is just another crippled dvd burner. So, unless you crossflash it, you cannot use - formats for burning.

Let’s stop this confusion. ND-3450 CAN burn -R’s by default. At max 8x speed though as already stated by [I]imkidd57[/I], DVD-RW’s are 4x max. :wink:

Don’t think it’s appropriate to suggest “crossflash” to ND-3500 untill [I]teach1abc[/I] learned how to burn at all.

Oh… my mistake then :o. I guess videohelp is video_no_help in this case.

Edit: …or maybe it is. pinto2 posted just before me.

Thanks for your help!! Once I knew what software to use I was able to figure it out. Thanks again! =)