How to use my smartphone as a GPS receiver?



I own a Motorola A925 smartphone, which is basically an A920 with an updated firmware (for Bluetooth compatibility). It has an external GPS antenna which makes it possible to use it as a GPS receiver, but I dunno what software to use!

The Internet browser is also not working. By viewing the config I have understood it uses a connection to the Three server which I don’t want to use (since I want to connect to the Vodafone server). How do I unlock it ?


Have a look at these sites:

Pocket GPS World
GPS Passion


Hmm, I can’t find any software compatible with my phone. The 2 sites listed above are only forums which I can share my knowledge in. Are there any free programs with free downloadable maps ? I know I might be asking too much, but I have purchased Route 66 to discover that it isn’t compatible with my smartphone (I get an error during installation). Lucky that I have obtained a refund!

nhGPS costs 25 € + connection costs to download maps, and its price is way too much for me. If I was to pay 25 € once and never again… but once I have paid for the software, I have to pay to download the maps too!



Please, have a look at it:
(Free of course) :iagree:


I have GPS update on my phone and want to use the GPS and how can I start using the GPS, as it downloaded the update for me last night and I just got this phone from a friend in london. I am new to this and the phone am using is O2 Xda Orbit.


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Did you try the forums suggested in post #2? This is an old thread but those forums are still good for phone GPS stuff.