How to use my DVD recorder

I recently purchased a DVR90DEA® dvd recorder by Sylvania. This is my first dvd

recorder after many VCRs and I only want it to record TV shows to watch later. I have
had several strokes in the past so my understanding of new technology is a bit slow. I
know to use DVD-RW media in order to record over a once recorded disc. I have been
able to record and play back a show. What I need to know primarily is this. Exactly
how do I watch the recorded shows on another player and then erase the disc so I can
record again? As I stated before, I am slightly impaired so I need to have detailed
Thank you for any assistance. :rolleyes:

Welcome to the forum. :flower:

The most detailed instructions are going to be found in the user manual for the product:

Look on page 16, where it says “Easy DVD Recording”.

Thank you, Negritude. I still want to learn to use it although I’ve found a couple of used VCRs at the local thrift store that are buying me some time.
I have the user manual and will try what you suggested. Again, thank you.

95% of the time I use mine to record shows from cable TV, movies , TV shows and sports. The other times I copy Tapes to DVD.

I hope to become knowledgeable enough to copy some of the hard to find movies I have on VHS tape. Thanks for all the help.

firestorm1;I think this is what you want to know from your first post.
You need to finalize the DVD -RW to play it in another DVD player.
This should be available by using the “setup” button on your remote.
Select “Disc” .You should have “Finalize” as one of the options.
If you have a finalized disc & you want to record more on it & it has free space to do this then you should see “Undo Finalize” use that & you can record more on the disc without erasing it.This option will not be there if the disc has not been finalized.
Next to erase a disc completely on your unit you use the “Format” option.
You need to read page 28 in the manual for this.
When you get to the “DVD-RW Recording Format” option .Use the “Video mode” option.
This will have the best compatibility.
The “VR mode” has its uses but it has compatibility problems.
I hope this is enough to do what you want

Thanks, cholla. I will try what you suggested. I think I do have a compatability problem. I’ll try the “video mode” instead of the “vr” mode.