How to use MPEG-4 Direct Maker?

Hi everyone,

How do i use MPEG-4 Direct Maker?? How do i use it to convert from VCD to Divx, SVCD to Divx, VCD to SVCD?? Or how do i use this program to convert from DVD to another format?? This is what i done.

File–>Open File and load in AVSEQ01
It plays so i stop it.
Functions–> VCD/MPEG/AVI/WMV/ASF Conveter i open that up.
File open File to open the VCD file again in the new Converter window.
It plays so i stop it again.
Option–> Select File Format–> I check MPG(VCD) Format.
Option–> Setup MPG(VCD) Format
From the list i chose Super Video CD and NTSC. I also checked the box for "Enable splitting the length exceeds for 700MB. Select my drive i want to save it in and click OK.
Finally select the one that looks like a lightin bolt.

This is what i get in the log file as followed.

File: C:\Documents and Settings\Derek\Desktop\THE_BREAKFAST\AVSEQ01.mpg is opened.

It doesn’t look like it’s converting. Out of everything i told u guys, am i doing this right?? Please reply back. Thanx for any help…