How to use irc

hey yea, can anyone tell me how to download stuff of irc??

legal stuff ? :cop:

theres legal files on irc? honestly i dont know

yeah like unsigned artists and stuff

No wonder theyre unsigned if they rely on IRC to get recognition …

For easier use of the IRC, people use Mirc and other software. The one I noticed to incorporate the most command line syntax into buttons and GUI is Invision

Try it, its free!!!

Probably the easiest way is to find what you are looking for on ircspy and click the link to open the relevant channel in mIRC and then paste the xdcc details.

Personally…I think the best generic advice is ask the room. IRC is an old dog very effective. Be polite in a room…ask intelligent questions, that “room” will help you with your download need…:slight_smile:


If your smart enough to use IRC…suggest you consider newsgroups…:slight_smile: