How to use ImgBurn in BUILD mode: A user guide

Earlier versions of ImgBurn were able to burn on a disc only image files like ISO, NRG and so on. With the introduction of the “Build” mode, ImgBurn is now able to burn a disc (CD, DVD, HD DVD or Blu-ray depending on the burner used) using files directly located on the hard disc, and it’s no longer necessary to save first an ISO file to HDD.

If necessary, however, it is anyway possible to create an ISO file.

In this guide will be described only basic steps to use ImgBurn in “Build” mode, and not a complete description of all options available.

A big thanks to Seán for correcting the English version of this guide :bow:

Basically, to burn a disc in Build mode there are 4 main steps:

[li]Run ImgBurn and select the Build mode
[/li][li]Set options
[/li][li]Select files to be burned on the disc
[/li][li]Start the burn

1 - Run ImgBurn and select the Build mode

If it was not already done, the first thing to do is select the “Build” mode from “Mode” menu

As shown in the picture, “Build” mode can be selected also by pressing “Ctrl + Alt + B”.

This is the main window:

2 - Set options

First of all it is important to correctly set some options. I suggest to select the “Auto” option shown in the low right corner.

By enabling this option it is possible to see in realtime how much the disc is filled. If this option is not selected, to check the disc filling it is necessary to press the “calculator” button (see picture below).

Another option to set immediately is the output device to be used. If you want to burn directly on a disc (CD or DVD whatever), it is necessary to select a burner as an output device. If you want to create an ISO file, it is necessary to select the hard disc as an output device . To select the output device it is sufficient to press the button shown in the picture:

Pressing the button, the main window shows some little changes, visible in the following pictures (see the red square):


2a - Set options: Burning directly on CD/DVD

If the selected output device is a burner, some other options must be set.

The option “Test Mode

enables the simulation mode, i.e. no data will be burned on the disc.

The option “Verify” runs a verification of all burned data at the end of disc writing.

Important: when burning a disc in “Build” mode, the only way to do a verification of written data is to use this option just at the end of writing. It is not possible to verify a disc thereafter.

If you have more than a burner installed on your computer, the next step is to select the one you want to use. Simply click as shown in the picture and select a drive.

There are some more options to set in the right panel of the main wondow. First of all in the right panel let’s check the “Device” tab.

Here it is possible to select the burning speed.

Let’s check now some options to set in the “Labels” tab.

Here the user must define a label for the disc to be written. There are two fields that must be compiled (the ones with the asterisk); all other fields are optional and can be left blank.

If the user does not define a label, just before the burn starts, ImgBurn will show a message asking to insert a label.

Important: ImgBurn automatically inserts a label. You have 30 seconds to change the suggested labels (see the red square in the picture).

2b - Set options: Create an ISO file on hard disc

If the selected output device is hard disc, some other options must be set.

First of all, it is necessary to select a folder where to save and the name of the ISO file. It can be done by pressing the button shown in the picture:

Again, it is necessary to select a label. Click on the “Labels” tab and write a label in the dedicated fields. If a label is not selected by the user, ImgBurn will automatically create a label asking to confirm it in 30 seconds.

3 - Select files to be burned on the disc

After all options are set correctly, it is possible to select files to be burned on the disc. This can be done in two ways: dragging files on the ImgBurn window or using the buttons shown in the picture:

Clicking on the button number 1 will open a dialog window asking to select individual files from a folder.

To insert an entire folder with all its contents button number 2 should be used . Important: If the file list is empty and you insert an entire folder to the compilation as the first step, the following message will be shown:

What ImgBurn is asking is if the folder contents must be written on the disc root or if a folder must be created first on the disc root. If you already inserted at least a single file on the list, adding a folder will not show the previous message.

By clicking on “Yes” all the folder contents will be written in the disc root. By clicking on “No” a folder on the root will be created a folder containing all files. By clicking on “Cancel” the operation will be aborted.

The button number 3 is used to delete selected files from the list.

The button number 4 is used to blank the entire list, i.e. to delete all entries from the list.

The button number 5 is used to expand the window to better read the list (see picture).

While adding files to the list, the right panel will show the filling level of the disc.

Based on the amount of data inserted in the list, ImgBurn will automatically calculate the disc to be used to store all selected data. On the example shown (see red square), because of the amount of data inserted in the list is very short, the suggested minimun support to use is a CD. This is only a suggestion given by ImgBurn, but if you decide to use a DVD there will be no restrictions. Using a DVD to burn only 5 MB of data, however, is a real waste :wink:

Adding some more data, as shown in the following example,

the minimum support suggested is a DVD. Adding more and more data, the minimum disc required will be a dual layer (DL) disc, or a HD DVD or Blu-ray media.

4 - Start the burning

Now we are ready to start the burn. This can be done simply pressing the “Start” button. Based on the output device selected previously, the start button has a slightly different design, as shown in the following pictures:


On the left there is the CD/DVD writing button, and on the right the hard disc writing button.

After pressing the start button, ImgBurn will do a final check and will show a recap message like in the following example:

To start the disc writing, it is sufficient to press the “OK” button.

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