How to use hardware decoder with KMPlayer?,

Hi, I am new on multimedia world and would like to ask pros here about some basic questions:-

  1. Is KMPlayer default to use own software decoder for video and audio, and user must configure the “External Video/Audio Decoders” option to enable hardware decoding?

  2. What is the difference between “Add System Codec” and “Add External Codec”?

  3. There are a lot of filters listed down at “Add System Codec”, how to know which one is software or hardware filter?

  4. ATi display card says it has hardware mpeg2 decoding capability, do i need to configure anything for it to ‘work’?

  5. The Creative X-Fi has hardware DDigital and DTS decoding capability, what do i need to do at “Internal Audio Decoders”, “Output Mode” or “External Audio Decoders” to enable it?

Sorry if any of the questions do not make sense, I don’t even know what to ask T_T…

Thank you

first of all u need a decoder that decodes at hardware level since u use a ati graphic card i would recomend coreavc HD codec and windows media player or media player classic home theater that has it all and is free. plus u need ac3 filter for audio in both cases. And of corse all the latest drivers for you´re hardware. and windows 7 to use native DXVA.

I used KM player for a couple years and have switched to Media Player Classic home cinema.

Use the 32 bit version. No need to add any other software to get good hardware decoding and all. If you have a reciever that has DTS decoding then you have to set that in the audio option to ‘pass-through’ the DTS.