How to use FarCry with Alchohol

Simply load your game. Then make an image using securromnew .4-.5 for the play disk. Seems to work with all my other games on Alchohol. Good luck

helps if you post your reply in the thread in question :slight_smile:

In other circumastances this could be classed as terrets :stuck_out_tongue:

You are slightly ignorant, your hardware maybe extra compatible - when others are not!

First off, this does not apply to some of us, as our copies of Far Cry are SafeDisc protected. Secondly, this is only making an image, and even if you burnt it it would still require emulation.

Plus also this is only your personal experience, and it will vary person to person.

what kind of emulation is required??

what is securromnew .4-.5?

looks like, using clonyXXL, the protection is SafeDisc V2. I also tried using Dameon Tools w/ SafeDisc emulation and loads the splash screen and stops…

some specs:

reader/writer: lite-on ltr-48125w
burn apps: alcohol 120%
Nero Ultra


I have

If you have the DVD version, forget it, it aint gunna happen (yet).

Securom 4-5 is a type of copy protection that f***s most users when trying to make a working backup.

Best to use Alcohol 120% for this, as this is a good prog for it.

BTW, i dont have access to the CD version, looked in most retail stores, nothing but the DVD.

And FarCry is protected with SafeDisc 3.20, so please stop the Securom talk/crap.

And spell Alcohol right for god sake!! :smiley:

I have the CD version

if someone gives me the farcry iso i will give them a gmail invite… im me at REMOVED or email me at REMOVED (remove the NOSPAM when emailing)