How to use EAC for MP3 using Hard Drive WAV's?

I’ve been using EAC for some time with great success. However recently I’ve begun burning WAV files to my hard disk in lieu of MP3’s. I now want to take these WAV files and convert them to MP3 using EAC. Can this be done? I’ve tried and can’t find any way to “import” the WAV files locally. It seems EAC is “hard wired” to convert WAV to MP3 only from a CD.

Let me know if there’s a trick I’m missing.



i don’t know how to do this with eac. I don’t have it installed right now.
But there is a tool called lamedrop which allows you to drop waves on it, which then are encoded to mp3 with the lame codec. It also makes wav from mp3


i found it

alt-v or compress wavs (you find it in the tools menu)