How to use dvd decrypter



How do you use the dvd decrypter or dvd decrpterfab


Hi shagjakia and welcome:

I’m not sure if you are asking how do different people use the programs or how do you (meaning shagjakia) use the program.

There is a Guides forum here and one of them is for DVD decrytptor with Shrink.

You can also look at the tutorials found on dvdfab’s website.

I am not conversant in this program but there are many knowledgable and friendly members who I am sure can help you. The above should get you started.


[QUOTE=shagjakia;2127413]How do you use the dvd decrypter or dvd decrpterfab[/QUOTE]

Hello shagjakia and welcome to the CD Freaks forum :flower: my good friend and fellow member jeff53404 sent me a PM saying someone needed help.
I see he has provided you with good links :clap: so maybe you don’t need anymore help but I will check back in this thread from time to time to see :cool:


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