How to use Daemon Tools!

i am a Big n00b to this software, and i cant seem to use it the way it was ment to be used. can some1 please tell me how to get Midnight Club 2 working in .ccd form (Clone CD file). I have copied the image file from the PLAY disc of Midnight Club 2. just for reference, I already have MC2 installed, but i dont have the commercial cd to play MC2.

PS: i am using v3.32 of Daemon Tools.


Jeah me to, I just downloaded heroes of might and magic (one of these great old games) it sais i need to ‘’ mount the ISO image with demon tools, i downloaded the demontools just a minute ago (31 march 2006) can anybody pls tell my how to ‘’ mount an iso image’’’

That would really help me out

PS can anybody pls help me out fast :), i cant wait to play the game.

Then rush down to your local shop and buy the game and in the meantime read this and this.