How to use Cuecards 200 in JRiver MC 11 or other player

I use WMP 11 for non-lossless MP3’s but am trying JRiver for FLAC.Many times they come up with proper tags and there is no problem.But I have some downloads which have folders of scans notes etc but the music in FLAC is one large file (say 450 mb) and Cuecards 2000.Can find no English documentation or tutorials at all.MC 11 will play file as one long track of iso but I have no idea how to use cue cards.Does it only work for burning or can you mount them and have it properly “cued” with metadata without burning?If not how do you use it to burn a tagged CD?Not sure why anybody uses this format.Seems so easy to make a FLAC folder with tracks in it (I use Freerip).Anybody help here?

chazzbo, I’m sending your thread over to the ‘Audio’ sub-forum someone over there might be able to give you some insight. :slight_smile:

J. River Media Center/Jukebox is supposed to be able to use CUE files to play the tracks within the audio file referenced by the CUE file. I haven’t tried this myself.

Try loading the CUE file instead of the FLAC file and see if that helps.

Yeah! I just tried a recent EAC rip with Cue sheet and it worked in JRMedia Jukebox…As does foobar2k…

how do you use it to burn a tagged CD

Load/import the CUE in a burning app like Burrrn…