How to use Clonedvd with anydvdhd to burn a bluray disc



I recently downloaded a trial copy of Anydvdhd. I have used Clonedvd2 for several years and wanted to burn a bluray disc decrpyted with Anydvdhd, Clonedvd2 would not see any of the files from Anydvdhd. I am not doing something right since the files are obviously not in a favorable format for Clonedvd2. Any help would be appreciated.


i’m also trying to do the same thing . i also need help. with this can anyone help


CloneDVD is designed to compress dvd-video. Blu ray is an entirely different format, and CloneDVD simply cannot work with it.

If you want to compress blu ray, I’d suggest using AnyDVD HD to decrypt and rip the entire disk to the hard drive, then use a free program called BD Rebuilder to do the compression. You can make a blu ray video on a blank 25gb disk, a double layer dvd or even a single layer dvd. BD Rebuilder also has the ability to convert blu ray to dvd-video format.

Once you have the finished product you want, you burn to a disk using ImgBurn. It is a free burning program and BD Rebuilder can make use of it automatically if you so wish.


The same thing? Are you referring to the other thread that dtopp started? If so, look for my answer in his thread.


Here is what I did If I wanted to keep the original settings and reproduce the BD was to use Anydvd HD to make a iso and then use Imgburn to burn back the iso to a BD-R DL media and that so far has worked for me.


i will look at dtopp posting thank you


[QUOTE=7779311;2624383]i will look at dtopp posting thank you[/QUOTE]

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please merge the threads, this is the same problem from dtopp post.


[QUOTE=7779311;2624415]please merge the threads, this is the same problem from dtopp post.[/QUOTE]

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