How to use CD-Rom cleaner in desktop CDROM

I get a CD rom cleaner .There is CD with brush .
How can I clean the CD-ROM in desktop as there is no “play” button in
CD -ROM. Ho can I let the CD-ROM rotate with the CD with brush in the CD-ROM ???
Any suggestion ??

Try playing it with a CD player program :wink:

As the Cd with brush is “blank” CD .How can I play with CD player ???Any detailed suggestion ???

Does it play as a normal CD in a CD player? it may work in windows media player.

It is “blank” CD only … It cannot be browse and play …

Who makes the cleaner?

It is bought from computer centre …

Does it say anything on the disc?


At least Philips and Pioneer advise [I]not to use[/I] such “cleaner” discs for their optical drives.