How to use bitsetting?

i have various dvd/cdr buring software and wanted to know how to use the bitsetting featuer.

i have a liteon 851s and nec2500a. in nero and the nec i can get a bitsetting checkbox to show up but not sure what it does. my friend sent me a liteon bitsetting tool but no clue how or when to use it. is itused after the burn, during, before or what?

You start the tool up before you burn and enable it. Then it burns +R discs as -R. When you disable the tool everything goes back to normal.

uh i thought it was supposed to burn it as type rom? not -r.

start the program before you want to burn something onto DVD+R and choose DVD-Rom in the “Change Book Type to” box.
Then click on CHANGE. You get a new window. Click on OK. Leave the program running, and start your burning program, (IE Nero Recode) and burn the disk. Afterwards when you check the disk in a program like DVDinfoPro, it should say that the Booktype was changed to DVD-Rom.

With my Stand-alone Philips player, it didnt make any difference if i changed the Booktype or not. The DVD was readable, but it has issues when I tried to go back to the menu. DVD-R works fine. But this is only with my Standalone. Others have had better results. I have the Liteon 851 Burner also.