How to use anydvd to copy an extra long dvd onto 2 dvds

Hi, I read on here somewhere that you can use anydvd to split a dvd up that won’t fit on a regular dvd +r, to make it fit onto a regular dvd so that you don’t have to buy the expensive dual dvd (dvd +DL).

How do you use anydvd to do this?

I’m new at all this (and so far the help I have gotten here has been excellent), so please keep it simple.

Thanks very much.


I think you mean DVDShrink. You can easily split a movie into two parts with it in reauthor mode. You can use it in conjunction with AnyDVD and allow AnyDVD to do the work of decrypting your commercial dvd, but the actual splitting would be done with Shrink.

Look at the guides at, or this splitting guide at is the link This guide is for the old version of Shrink, but it is pretty much the same process in the last version available for the program.

And this guide is very helpful for using Shrink also.

Unless for protection removal he does not have to use AnyDVD he can rip with shrink without using shrink function and then use re-author feathering to split the movie into disc or better to use one Double Layer disc to burn uncompressed moved in one.

True, he normally wouldn’t have to use AnyDVD for the decryption process, but many newer dvds have more advanced protection schemes, and Shrink just can’t handle those particular dvds. That is the only reason to combine the two. And I actually agree that burning to dual layer would produce a more convenient end result—hate having to change disks in the middle of the movie—but he asked how to split a large dvd.

If it were me, I’d just rip the whole thing to the hard drive, then use DVDRebuilder to reencode the main movie. Dual layer disks are still a bit expensive, and I don’t care about backing up extras. If I want to look at them, I’ve still got the original disk.