How to use AnyDVD and CloneDVD2


I just installed both of these programs and am wondering how to use them… Sounds weird huh? I was just reading some forums with users really recommending them. When I slide the DVD in, what program do I use first? I imagine it’s AnyDVD, right?

Any help would be great.

First you install both programs. Then you set up AnyDVD settings as you like them… Then AnyDVD just is there on background all the time… Then you just use CloneDVD and do your stuff. When AnyDVD is once set, you don’t need to touch it.

Thanks a lot, I’ll give it a shot. Is it safe to leave AnyDVD with the default settings, or do I have to customize it?

Thanks again

Here is how to use CloneDVD

Well, only thing you should check that DVD-region in AnyDVD corresponds region with DVD-movie (and it will only matter if DVD has RCE protection).

Other thatn that you should be just fine…

I have Icopydvds2 and I am not able to copy Madagascar, I installed anydvd and when I tried again it says you can not copy this disc it is copy writed…
I am losing it over here. Use to use dvd43free but wouldn’t work as well.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure you’re using AnyDVD Verify this by right clicking AnyDVD icon, settings menu item, and About tab. If you do not have installed go to slysoft’s site and download it. However, as a side note, you’ll find that most people here will recommend the use of CloneDVD2. While it is absolutely not required for using AnyDVD, the two work extremely well together. In any case, I think you’ll find will fix your problem.

Will anydvd work with icopydvds2? If so do you have to uninstall dvd43? Thanks

Yes and yes. However, you should consider using elby CloneDVD2 instead for less trouble and headaches.

As Tru said, dump dvd43. AnyDVD is by FAR superior. AnyDVD will work with any program you want, but, the reason we all recommend CloneDVD is that it’s an exceptional program, easy to use, and has far fewer problems on newer copy protections when used with AnyDVD than the other programs out there. The author of CloneDVD is quite brilliant and made an exceptional piece of software, IMO. It could use a few improvements here and there, and a few things could be a little more intuitive(such as splitting discs), but, overall it’s better than anything else I’ve used.

how do you get anydvd to run in the backround please help

It runs there automatically. Wait until the “Fox” does it’s thing and then burn. :slight_smile:

regarding anydvd…
does it have to be running while im burning the dvd? cause here is my situation…

I have a PC and a MAC. i use my MAC to burn dvds…
but when I download stuff, I use my pc…so I am always tranfering the files that I want to burn from my PC to my MAC.

will all the unwanted dvd features (regional settings etc) be removed,
even though I don’t burn while anydvd is running?

hope that makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue:
please help

AnyDVD only affect when you are ripping your DVD, so whatever you have ripped to your PC and transfer to MAC, it maintains things you’ve removed… eg they are not coming back from thin air :wink:

Yes. AnyDVD even works over the network. You can put the original disc in your PC, share the drive in your network and transfer directly to the mac. (!)


how do I make my discs region free with this program??


It would be to your advantage to start a new thread with a title that reflects the issue you have.

[QUOTE=olmari;1566786]AnyDVD only affect when you are ripping your DVD, so whatever you have ripped to your PC and transfer to MAC, it maintains things you’ve removed… eg they are not coming back from thin air ;)[/QUOTE]

can i use AnyDVD and CloneDVD to burn a PS2 game? if so can someone tell me a steb by step way of doing it? if not can someone please tell me of a free software to burn ps2 games?

No, you can not. You would need to use CloneCD for that(anydvd is not necessary…it’s for video) and you’d need a mod chip. If you want free software to do so, you can look into ImgBurn. However, this is off topic for this particular forum. You can find more information by posting a thread here.