How to use Adobe Audition 1.5: FIX avi files out of sync audio? PLEASE HELP

Hey guyz…i was wondering if anyone can help me out w/ Adobe Audition 1.5?

The problem: audio in avi files are out of sync so want to use adobe audition 1.5 to fix that problem…BUT dun’t know how to use that software?!.. :rolleyes: …that software looks so confusing…so many buttons…sorry i’m kinda a computer idiot…hehehe

…SO…please can someone tell me how to use that program…so i can fix that problem?


adobe audition does not support .avi or any other video files
the only sound editors that supports .avi are wavelab/sound forge/goldwave
anyway virtualdub can also do it and its free

Audition does support avi/mpeg files just select your file and it will extract the audio from the file for you to work on.However I havnt used to to resynch dvds.Maybe a search on google might help or has many good tutorials for other tools also check the forums.

didnt saw any video file types when went to file>>open but now after you said it does support i had another look and it seems theres “open audio from video” in that menu too didnt notice that before my bad :o in other editors all the possible file types are in the open menu but guess not on this one :confused: