How to use a .sd2 file (simdisk?)

This is probably a noob post, so my apologies in advance. I’ve been looking all over for info on .sd2 files and can’t figure it out. What do you do with Medal of HOnor.sd2? Tried cloneCD, CD-mate, Daemon tools, and simdisk (though info I found was in Japanese and I couldn’t figure out the proper command line). Any ideas? thankx

How did you get the .sd2 file???

The only SD2 I know is a copyprotection which is used on games, like Medal Of Honor. If you want to backup your original you need CloneCD to do it! Check out the sticky threads in one of our CloneCD forums! :smiley:

I could reveal my source, but then I’m pretty sure I’d be violating the stated forum rules. Truthfully I downloaded it. I’ve since given up that whole scene since it’s too expensive/time consuming and I just couldn’t put up with it over my 56K connection. Anyway, now I’m really just curious . . . (won’t blame the admins if you have to boot me :slight_smile: ) Thanks