How to use a CD-RW with Nero?

Hi there !

Can I use a CD-RW with Nero, without using packet writing software like InCD ?

I just tried this and copied some files to a CD-RW using the UDF option. Unfortunately, I cannot read the CD now. Before I waste any more disks:

Can I use CD-RWs like “normal” CD-Rs with Nero (with ISO-filesystem) ? Can I also delete files in this way (or will the disk behave like a CD-R and run out of free space somewhen) ?


u cannot packet-write to cd-rw unless u format it first with INCD.
only option is mulit session

You can use them like normal cds but you need to remember to “close” them. If you don’t then they can’t be read elsewhere.
You won’t “waste” any discs trying and learning as you can erase them after if they don’t work.

DANER: What do u mean by “close them”??

Is that the same as making a multisession disk?
OTHER question related:

If you have a Multisession CD-RW can u delete some files, but not all of them?? and them write some more info to it OR u must delete all files and then do the rest??

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multisession sort of closes each session, but when you delete a file it only makes it invisible to the drive, and you do not re-claim that part of the disc untill you re-format it.