How to upload a GI file to a website

I have a GI file I would like to upload to the web. The disk plays well but when copied via sonic to hard drive, it becomes a GI file and does not work. I tried IsoBuster, but I am no compuer wiz, :sad:this seems to be the place to ask if I have posted it correctly.

A whut? Gi?

May i suggest you try using ExactAudioCopy to make an mp3 and upload that file. Make sure you have the rights to do that as well before uploading.

Do you mean a GIF file ?..

The disk was made via camcorder and states it is File System: UDF when right clicking and going to properties, but when loaded to hard drive it has become a GI file using sonic. It has audio and video on the file. I only purchased the camcorder cause the sales man stated it I could upload videos to the internet with it, thats the only reason I purchased it.

Try tomount it or save it as standard video files.

I am googled out and seems I just have purchased the wrong camcorder for what I wanted to do, upload videos to the web, I should have came here before making my purchase and seems I should have purchased a camcorder that records in AVI format to do what I had interest in, edit and upload to the net. This site is awsome, even took a break and read the joke thread, but I will not give up, there has to be a way, even if I have to purchase another camcorder.

what make and model is it?

It is Canon DC210 mini DVD Video Camcorder

a gi file is a disc image file like an .img or .iso etc. You can mount the image with DaemonTools or any other image tool and work with it that way.
For what you are wanting to do you would be best to work straight from the disc you recorded to from your PC’s DVD drive, and use some type of DVD to AVI app to encode your video to a smaller avi that will result in a smaller file size that will take less time to upload.

The disk is in UDF and when loaded to hard drive via sonic it shows up as GI file, I have found where others state it is a VRO video output, but I don’t see that here, maybe they used a different software to load to hard drive?

I still think when your sonic program copied the data, it created a disc image
I’ve come across .gi files in the past that came from DVD cams

IsoBuster should be able to browse the image file if that is what it is. Can you load the disk and browse the contents from Windows Explorer? You also might make sure the disc is finalized so Windows can see it’s contents.

I found a program DVD to AVI and it states it is a IFO, I cant browse the file on the hard drive via Windows Explorer, I have viewed the DVD via Windows Media Player several others like, Real Player. Intervideo WinDVD, ect. Even though it states it is a UFD disk, I am now trying IFO to AVI and see if I can get somewhere.

I am at the state where now it is an invalid IFO file and cant convert

(sigh) I wish people would just read manuals sometimes. In your case, please read page 61!

Your Canon DC210 mini DVD Video Camcorder uses mini-dvd’s.

These mini-dvd’s are in the normal dvd video format.

To use these mini-dvd’s on other devices (computer, dvd player) you need to finalise the disc using the Canon DC210 itself.

You do not need Sonic at all.

To upload the files to a website, you can upload the entire mini-dvd contents to a directory (a map) on some website.

You could also decide to convert/transcode the dvd format to … let’s say … divx! … and upload that file. It will proably be smaller in filesize than an entire DVD.

I had the disk finalised, I could view it on from DVD writer, I just downloaded it to hard drive to edit and watch from hard drive then upload. I did find a program that converted to AVI and you guys sure got me thinking in many new directions w/ya help! Now I will look into the divx format, but I seem to be happy w/AVI for what I want to accomplish, this site rocks.!