How to upgrade my AD-7700H to 1FA version [Problems]

Hi there!

I’m trying to update my Optiarc DVD RW AD-7700H to version 1FA to change the booktype to DVD-ROM.

I downloaded the firmware and tried to flash the 1fa_auto.bin with the following command.

. / necflash-flash-v-s 1fabt_auto.bin / dev/sr0

[root@fedora alejandro]# ./necflash -flash -v -s 1fabt_auto.bin /dev/sr0Binflash - NEC version - (C) by Liggy and Herrie

Identified drive: 143 - 3036
Detected drive from Firmware: 143 - 3035

[B]The firmware file expects a different bootcode on your drive. You are not allowed to continue.

Firmware is for a different drive
Drive: 0x3036 - File: 0x3035.[/B]

[root@fedora alejandro]# 

The firmware:

My device information:

[root@fedora alejandro]#  dmesg |grep ATAPI
[    1.856452] ata2.00: ATAPI: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7700H, 1.V0, max UDMA/100

[root@fedora alejandro]# dmesg |grep 'CD'
[    1.879321] scsi 1:0:0:0: CD-ROM            Optiarc  DVD RW AD-7700H  1.V0 PQ: 0 ANSI: 5
[    1.896050] cdrom: Uniform CD-ROM driver Revision: 3.20
[    1.896246] sr 1:0:0:0: Attached scsi CD-ROM sr0

Unfortunately your drive has a different bootcode than the 1.FA drives which could mean that your drive also has a different hardware. So both firmwares are not compatible and 1.V0 lacks the code that I need for the bitsetting patch. Sorry.

Thanks for responding,
What bad luck! : (
With version 1.V0 can not do bitsetting?
My pc is VPCJ12M1E

I can just flash the 1V0 version.

I’ve been looking at this post. Do not know if it’s compatible with 1V0 and FA # post2598755

Thank you very much for your time

[QUOTE=backglass;2712257]With version 1.V0 can not do bitsetting?[/QUOTE]
Unfortunately that’s true. This version might do auto-bitsetting on certain media, but I’m not sure about that.

I’ve been looking at this post. Do not know if it’s compatible with 1V0 and FA # post2598755

I do have the bootcode that is required for the 1.FA firmware, however not the one for 1.V0

While I could provide a bootcode flasher for the 1.FA firmware and also a flasher back to 1.V0 if you extract the bootcode from your drive, there’s a certain risk that this will break your drive and that’s probably worse than not being able to do bitsetting.