How to upgrade from NEC ND-6100A to NEC ND-6500A



Hi all

Im a complete Newbie to this and would appreciate any basic help to upgrade my NEC ND-6100A DVD drive to an NEC ND-6500A

Could someone please help in a step by step process as Im not technical minded at all…

Lots of help and patience is needed, thanks in advance

What I’ve done so far !

Downloaded the Firmware NEC ND-6500A
Currently supplied as binaries suitable for flashing in DOS. The package includes original stock firmware, RPC1 with Rip Lock, and Rip Lock only. The patched version include the 6100 @ 6500 patch. 2.23, and Windows Version 2.23 TDB Windows Flasher,

Saved both to my C Drive and tried to excute the 6500rpc1.bin but it only opens up a Wordpad full of Gobbely guke ? which makes no sense to me?

What am i doing wrong?


Go to this site and look for NEC ND-6500A and filename 2.23 TDB Windows Flasher (Windows version).

Unzip the file and run the exe to flash the firmware. Reboot the system after falshing. Good luck.


Thanks SKORPIO57,

It works brilliantly…another very happy camper :slight_smile: