How to upgrade from 4 to 5?

I am a registered owner of version 4 and want to upgrade to version 5. When I download version 5, does it install into a new directory or does it upgrade version 4? Do I need to uninstall 4 before downloading and installing 5? I have other questions like how do I completely uninstall version 4 (if I need to), but shouldn’t there be a sticky at the top of this forum for people like me who just want detailed, step-by-step instructions so we don’t mess our configuration up or leave pieces of old program code around. Thanks for your help.

It installs in a new directory. You will also need a new registration key for v5. There are uninstall instructions in the Tutorial or you can find really detailed manual uninstall instructions linked in any post by stormjumper.

Myself I would keep Ver 4 for awhile

[I][/I] i have downloaded fab5 but can not get updated to new version …any help?

Have you ran the DVDFab5015Beta_avangate-689.exe file?

[QUOTE=Jimbo;2052808]Myself I would keep Ver 4 for awhile[/QUOTE]

Can you keep both on your system ?

[QUOTE=flopguy;2053028]Can you keep both on your system ?[/QUOTE]

Yes, version 4 and 5 and 3 for that matter install themselves in different folders.

I still have Platinum in my collection. That’s is as far back as i can go.

I go back to 1.7…LOL

Curious, what was the price for Platinum v1, v2, v3 back then?

I paid 79.00 usd for gold (now called platinum)