How to upgrade firmware.. newb, help please



I just bought a BENQDW1620 and I want to upgrade the firmware to B7K9 which I believe is the newest. What do I have to do after unziping the file I download? A quick reply would be appreciated.


If your drive is installed internally on IDE (pref sec master) make surre you have no disc’s in the drive. Using Windows as OS, Go to Unofficial BenQ firmware page (top of forum), download WinDWflash and the latest firmware release in a “.cvt” file form (B7P9).
Make sure you disable any anti-virus or other programs that might start up while you are flashing.
Now run the flasher, loading the .cvt firmware file & then flash firmware in one step. You can run WinDWflash, from the safe mode if this feels better. Reboot and you have a DW1620 Pro!
Externally, I would recommend using USB 2 to flash, same steps, different firmware, 47L9 .cvt


ok. i flashed the drive.

Where can I check if the firmware is B7P9?


Try this program as freeware, DVDInfo pro:
or try this program for testing purposes (free):
Both will show you firmware version.


Before burning my first DVD … is there any configuration change that I should make in my PC, so that the copy is the most effective and fast as possible?


enable DMA


which dvd media are the best for dw1620? able to copy at 16x


Look here: