How to upgrade firmware for HP 9700k cd-writer

I have the HP 9700k cd-writer at firmware version 1.0N.
I have searched this forum and while there are a ton of LiteOn firmware threads, I did not see any for HP. Also, could not find the info needed on the HP site (which seemed quite difficult to navigate).
The drive does not seem to function correctly. When trying to read commercial CDs and install programs, it dumps me out to windows BSD and I have to re-start the machine and the restart even goes through ScanDisk. It is also unbelievably LOUD. I am talking airplane engine loud.
Again, I am not trying anything funky at all here.
Is my unit at the current firmware version? If not, how can I upgrade to the latest? If so, what else can I try to get this drive to work?

Look Here: