How to upgrade firmware dw1655

I want to upgrade the firmware in my BenQ dw1655. I can’t find any official instructions at the benq site. :doh:

I found BCDB on the global site. Should I use BQFlasher. I’ve never used it before. The only drive I’ve flashed is my NEC3520. Please give me some tips or a url for the thread that this has been discussed (I’m sure it already has… I just can’t seem to find it) :bow:

No just double click on the BCDB.exe it will do the rest. I would suggest disabling any Virus protection software before you run it just to be safe. It will tell you when it is done, it pauses at the end for a bit so do not freak out and cancel it…let it finish. When its done it will tell you to hit the reboot button do this and when the computer reboots you will have the new version.

Thnks so much for the quick response. I’ll do it that way.
Out of curiosity, what is the purpose/advantage of BQFlasher?

Just read the BQFlasher thread… I get the idea. I’ll wait till I have the need to crossflash. :iagree: