How to update to 6.6 from 6.3 oem?

How to upgrade to Nero 6 Ultra Edition Major Update –
Version 6.6

I may have asked this before but I want to be sure I don’t mess up the update and use the correct download.

I have the OEM version memorex
I got it with memorex external drive.

Do I just download the version 6.6 and install over my current installtion?

The version I have now has Express, Nerovision express, and recode2.
It has the dvd plugins. I don’t see “burning rom”.

I want to be sure I don’t lose anything. In a reply to one of my other posts someone said that the oem version doesn’t havd dvd plugins and has express se.

You have to pay for an ultra edition serial number.

Then you put that number into the download version.