How to update from firmware dl21 ro dl13

Hi guys. My first time here so I hope I’m doing everything ok.
I just bought a GSA-4167b and I’m having problems burning RItek R03 DVD+R media in all kinds of software - Nero including 6 and 7. Also I used Power2Go and CDBurnerXP Pro. Some disks are ok but some are not, ending with “Invalid Block Address” in Nero.
As far as I understood from the posts the DL13 solves some media burning problems. I downloaded the firmware but the readme file says that it is intended for firmware lower than DL12, which is what I have on my drive. The question is whether I should just ignore this or is there a firmware update which updates from DL12 to DL13?
If there’s any other solution for media compatibility I would gladly read about it.
Thanks a lot.

Yeah that “it is intended for firmware lower than DL12” (mis)information really bothered me too when I was first updating to DL13 (from DL12). Just ingore it. It appears to be simple translation problem. There is no known problem in updating DL12 to DL13.

Uart is right. It is a bad translation from Korean, which was the original language the help files were written in. It should actually read something like “DL12 and lower”. That silly thing is in the instructions that come with every version of LG’s firmware for all writers. It’s been confusing a lot of people for quite a while.

Just go ahead and update DL12 to DL13.