How to update firmware on LVW 5005?

I just purchased an LVW 5005 and am quite happy with it so far. My question is how do I update the firmware?

I went to Lite On’s website and entered my unit’s S/N and it gave me LNFA1091.ESU.0102.184x.rar. I burned the file to a CD-R, finalized the session and put it in the 5005 as directed. Then the file is identified as “Data file” on the screen and none of the menus do anything.

Am I missing something here?


.rar extension means it is a compressed/packed file. You have to unpack it (Windows XP can do it, just double click the file). Then burn the unpacked files on a CD.

Thanks Alex, I’ll try that. I’m not familiar with the .rar extension, I’m used to compressed files being in the .zip, .arc, etc. formats.

You are most welcome. I hope you will succeed.

Thanks again Alex, the firmware successfully flashed from v1090 to v1091. Now I have one more question:

Some of these units (Lite On LVW 5005) apparantly either come with or are flashable to a version which adds a 3 hr recording time to the exisitng 1-2-4-6 hour options. After I updated the firmware to 1091 I still don’t have that option.

Any idea how I get that?

Thanks again,

I am glad you succeeded.

The answer to your question is here:

I have an XP machine and it will not unpack the RAR file. It keeps bringing up PKZIP instead. Suggestions I need to upgrade as other do.

Nice try, but not now he’s upgraded. I’ve read that the newer firmwares will not allow previous versions to be installed.

Whenever a new response gets added to 5005 posts, both here and on other forums, I hope its going to be a fix I can use with the latest firmware. :sad:

[QUOTE=pase001]I have an XP machine and it will not unpack the RAR file. It keeps bringing up PKZIP instead. Suggestions I need to upgrade as other do.

Installing and running the free version of 7-zip from here should enable you to open the rar file and extract the compressed file inside it.

I just bought another one of these, I will try flashing it some time this weekend and report here how it went.

I have lite on lvw-5005 and # is 0102-1840-0101-B203 (100-010D) I’m trying to unzip files and burn them to cd. But nothing happens when I put it in the lite on recorder. Anyone give me step by step instructions on how to unpack, and burn to disc. So that this will work? Appreciate any help. THANKS

Assuming you have the correct files try turning off the unit with the CD firmware file in it to see if it works then. I’ve updated 3 different 5005s, and only 1 of them required this procedure to get it to work. Concerning the PKZIP issue with RAR files it may be the same issue I had with RAR files using Power Desk (another zip file utility). Try IZarc that’s a free download from which works great for me. In another thread I read a user updated latest firmware version to fix a 16x media problem and then flashed back to hacked version resulting in fixed 16x media problem and regain region free, macrovision free and 3 hour recording advantages. I know flash back from 101 to 098 works and have done it with no problem on 3 different units. Check the first link in post #11 at for how to hack and gain 3 hour recording.

I have a Liteon 5005 that I bought new in December, 2006. When I try the firmware update CD, the Liteon reads the disk, says that the disk is a data disk and then spits it out. No matter what I do, the Liteon won’t accept a CD with the firmware file on it. The motherboard has 5006 on it.

I think they locked this version of the chip so that updates can no longer be done. :sad:

Did you unzip the firmware file before burning it?

Thanks josehp5, yes I unzipped the files before burning it with Nero. I tried it on different CD media. Also tried it with the original Liteon burner and with a Liteon replacement burner in the 5005.

I guess I will have to live with this limitation.

Silly question, but you did finalize the CD didn’t you?

I have been doing a lot of reading about this recorder and the more I get confused…
I have a liteon 5005 dvd recorder (0102 1140 0101 G2BD) and from I have been reading is that I have to get the 98 hack to get the 3 hr and to have macrovision free? Is that right? Is my recorder the most recent 5005 recorder ont he market?

Can you tell me what firmware code I should use…and once I do that, then what? Will the 98 firmware give me the 3 hr and the mac free? There’s so much on this site and that I cant keep it all straight.

Is this something I should even attempt to try…if I screw it up, can it be set to default?

Sorry for many questions, but want to get it straight.

Love the site, it’s so informative.

Thanks, Deb

Are you sure you used correct firmware, batmanisded? On my first attempt I failed due to using incorrect firmware. The first 2 sets of 4 digits in serial number must match exactly the first 2 sets of 4 digits in firmware, or update will fail giving the “data file” message. For example the unit in post #11 has “0102-1840” for first 2 sets of 4 digits, and firmware must have “0102-1840” for update to succeed. Likewise firmware for unit in post #17 must have “0102-1140” for successful update. There’s an archive of LiteOn firmwares at as well as instruction on how to do what you want, and you should succeed as long as you’re careful to choose proper firmware.

bevills1, that was my problem. I had tried the wrong firmware (2 sets of 4 digits in the firmware did not match those in the LVW 5005 serial number). I then downloaded the proper firmware and applied the ilo hack. The update suceeded.

Thanks very much for your help.


I used to have the same issues when I tried to burn my files. Recently I found a great support website that have great solutions and information.

Here is the page for Lite On LVW-5005 DVD Recorder Support

I hope this will help