How to update all my rewriters to 110s

hi thanks for taking the time to read this thread i recently purchased a stand alone dvd duplicator of a friend it has a 1-7 controller but he only ever had 3 rewriters in it. 1 was a pioneer 105 and 2 are pioneer 109 so i have gone and purchased pioneer 110s and they want work the firmware is version 1.42n and it is a acard controller HOW THE HELL DO I UPDATE THE FIRMWARE so i can update all my rewriters to 110s please help guys :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Suggest that you take the time and view all the various Forums that are available to Forum Members.

The CD Freaks Forum has a specific Firmware Forum dedicated to firmware related topics ( which is the appropriate Forum to post and inquire about your problem in obtaining Firmware for your stand alone DVD Duplicator.

If you desire a meaningful response to your inquiry it would be extremely helpful when posting in the CD Freaks Firmware Forum to provide as much information as possible for your stand alone DVD Duplicator รขโ‚ฌโ€œ example Manufacture Name/Model Number/Type of Interface (IDE, USB or FireWire) and any other pertinent information.

Also perchance have you performed a Google ( search for your particular stand alone DVD Duplicator?

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hey buddy thanks for getting back in touch i have posted in the relevent forums now .once again cheers budy